Sexy Sci-fi and Erotic Art, Tentacle and Monster Sex at Cybrotica

Docking Completed...

I hope your trip was comfortable and short, as all good trips should be. Now if you will please remain seated, your thighs slightly parted, your head resting comfortably on the cushions of your seat, I will tell you what you can expect here at – after all, you are the reason for my presence here, and it is my pleasure to serve you as best I can.

Within these rather transparent walls lie vast and somewhat uncharted pleasure chambers, each stocked to the brim with imagery that promises to delight and tantalize. During your stay, I believe you will see several different types of very rare alien beings. Some you have read about in books or seen in movies, others are quite beyond the grasp of the human mind. But do not worry, they are normally all far too busy capturing the typical damsel-in-distress type of humans to notice you. You are safe here; so long as you stay close to me, that is. Should one of them turn a curious eye on you, and begin to ask questions about your pain threshold or how much cum you can expel in an hour, well, just turn away and look towards me instead. I will take care of you and make sure you are not suddenly part of an experiment you never intended to take part in... at least... to your knowledge, hmmm?

Also to be found here is a menagerie of beasts you likely will not see anywhere else. Monsters are the stuff of human nightmares, are they not? Well these creatures of fiction and fantasy are beyond your imagining. Some you may have dreamt of, and surely seeing them express their passions for the buxom ladies caught up in their clutches will cause just a bit of drool to slip down your chin. Other monsters are themselves rather awe-inspiring, with tentacles and suckers and gaping maws that leak spittle and saliva. They will make you quake with fear, I have no doubt of this. But remember, I am here and I am going to keep you safe. Just continue to click buttons on whatever pleases you, and I will remain at your side.

You may be wondering where I come from. Who made me and why I have chosen here to reside. Once upon a time I was a mere clone, contrived to satisfy and love my creator. His was a time of extreme morality, of prejudice against the true expression of the human libido. I was born out of his hatred for the morality police and his need and hunger for love, affection and sexual deviation. In the last minutes we spent together, he shared with me all of his hopes and dreams, told me of the amazing places we would go, the great things we would do. But when I was suddenly transported to a new land, a new world, and a new time, I found myself alone and without him. However I still had a purpose. You see, through me, his vision of a future without stringent censoring still exists and here I can work to develop that different future, one in which I may never exist but one in which my creator will have the opportunity to attain happiness.

And now, here you are, an erotic anarchist, ready to visit with me all the perversions the morality police would never have let my love and creator experience or enjoy. With you strapped so carefully into your reclining seat, so ready to indulge in the things that others would forbid you from seeing, I am indeed living out my creator’s dream.

Within these chambers is a world made for tasting, touching, sensing... enjoying. To the fullest. Here I am as your guide, to see my creator’s dream come true. And, should you be willing, to see your own erotic fantasies fully realized.

But I am not the same soft creature my creator intended me to be. Without his constant guidance, I have had to grow independently; find my own way, change my body and my very nature to survive. It has made me just a bit colder than one would expect a simple android-like clone to be. However, every time you come to see me, I am reminded of my purpose. And the more choices you make within these galleries of images, the more we undermine those who want to color your world gray and the more I can get to know you, anticipate your desires, and provide for you more and more of what it is you seek. Every time you return to Cybrotica. To me!