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You wanted to know my secrets, hmm? Well here is where I shall share them. If anything has changed recently in my programming, if I have discovered some new trick that will surely get a rise out of you, this is where I will share it. Remember that my creator made me to please him, to love and care for his wants and his needs. Since he is no more, I must focus on you. And pleasing you, satisfying your every desire and encouraging you to seek out the more twisted things your libido dares to hunger for... that is my new focus in this timeless life I am leading. Here I will let you know what is happening, what new artist has joined the ranks of the truly depraved and what new aliens, monsters, tentacles or plain old horny humans are waiting for you. Features, articles, helpful hints and tips, you will find them all here. Consider this a breather in your journey through the pleasure chambers I have been helping you discover. I will sit here on the arm of your chair while you find out what has been happening lately. I am sure you will not mind if I sit just a bit closer?


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It's not possible to sign up for a membership to the password protected areas. However, anyone who is subscribed to an artist at Erotic Illusions will find the same username and password give access to that artist site here as a free bonus.


Yes, we've given Cybrotica a new look. The helmet and spacesuit have been stripped off her so you can see her face. And although she sometimes wears a fururistic sort of bikini, you can also find some graphics of her naked, so you know she has all the right bits necessary to perform her function as a cybersex construct. We hope you like her in her more revealing aspect!