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Interdimensional Travel

Naturally we believe we have the best site and the best erotic artists available but if you really feel the need to leave me then I won't hold it against you.

Yes, I am quite aware of the potential dual interpretation of that phrase. Your language is so amusing to play with and I can assure you it was completely intentional. After all, I do want you to hurry back and a small incentive to encourage you is acceptable.... hmmm? But since you wish to explore other dimensions, then it is my duty to attempt to direct you to locations which are both safe and rewarding.

Below you will find a series of portals which will transport you to places we have previously explored and consider worthy of your attention. But should you discover that they have ceased to exist, or fallen to the dark side then do please let me know so I am able to better help advise future guests. Or if you yourself own such a location and wish to have it listed here, please take the time to visit our web page designed for that purpose.

Remember though, I am waiting here for you to return so that I may.... hold it against you once more!

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