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One of Us, One of Us...

Every good business using this wonder called the internet knows that networking is where its at. And while I know youd love to get hold of my hardwear, and wetwear, this area is specifically designed for you to find ways to become an ally in our little movement. Have a banner youd like to share? Want to offer some helpful tips or maybe do a review for your own site of one of ours? This is how you find my portals, gain access to my ports and really start to connect with me...

We are always looking to do banner or text link exchanges with the webmasters of other quality sites in fields relating to erotic art or complementary subjects. We also like to think we're available to chat, swap experiences and discuss techniques, though obviously all of us have too much work to do, most of the time ;)

To add a banner link, please save one of the items below and host it on your own server, linking to

Remember to let us know via the Contact Page including where to find your own banners. Links between quality sites benefit everyone involved, webmasters and surfers both, so our only concern is that you have an honest site on a subject likely to interest our visitors.

We place links on the index page or, on request, on a relevant internal page. We don't have a links page which everyone ignores, we don't have thousands of links either, so we don't link to sites that do. Give us a fair link and we'll give you one back.

Text Links

Text links are becoming increasingly popular, both because they load pages faster and because they attract more attention from the search engines. If you prefer to swap text links please use this:

<p><strong>Experience erotic fantasy and sci-fi sex with Cybrotica:</strong> If you can imagine it, our artists and writers have probably already portrayed it. And much more besides. Loads of artists, lots of free samples, masses of sexy cyber babes! We cum in peace! Cum play in our worlds!<br /><a href="">Click here for Cybrotica's free fantasy and sci-fi art</a></p>

Let us know how you would prefer your own link to look.


Please remember to copy these to your own server to avoid potential broken links in the future:

Link to - not within a frameset and preferably not in a pop up window, thanks.

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