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The move is on! The push is here, at last, for high quality erotic artwork that doesn’t fret about the dangers of unseen censors with no appreciation for true skill and what the audience wants. Are you ready to show off your best artwork? Pieces you may not be able to show anywhere else? Of course we have standards; our standards are set very high. But you can bet that we’re very interested in artwork that exceeds the norm, pushes passed the average boundaries of what other sites produce. And stimulates the mind as well as the physical flesh.

I don’t mind telling you how very pleasurable it would be to take others on tours of our little dimension and be able to brag that you’ve joined us. To stand next to your artwork and share what you were expressing with someone practically drooling on the spot…It gives me more than a little thrill thinking about it. Electric sparks go off in my mind when I see you looking at me just that way. And I get the feeling you’ve got plenty of naughty ideas of your own.

Follow the instructions below to join our elite community of artists and authors. We’re leaving a lot of the creativity up to you. See? You’re already coming free of your chains and bonds... and we’ve only just begun to help you unleash your inner beast...

Cybrotica displays her big firm tits to best advantage

At present Cybrotica does not directly take new artists wishing to open paysites here. The site is considered an additional benefit to members who sign up for access to a comparable site at

If you are active in the fields of sci-fi and fantasy sex such as is featured here in Cybrotica, then you will need to first obtain a site at Erotic Illusions and then request the creation of a Cybrotica site linked to your site at EI. The link you need is below:

We look forward to welcoming you to the SBE group of sites!

Cum play in our worlds!

EI Artist Application